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Automatic flight check-in

Most airlines charge a fee for check-in at the airport if you forget to check in online. If you provide us with your passport/ID details, we'll check you in online and send your boarding passes to you for free.

Select your Seats

Your journey, your choice. Elevate your travel experience by selecting the perfect seat that suits your preferences. From spacious aisles to panoramic windows, make your flight uniquely yours with our Seat Selection feature.

Window seat selection

Capture breathtaking views from the sky with our coveted window seats. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the journey, whether it's the sunrise on takeoff or the city lights below during landing.

Starting at$20

Middle seat selection

Find harmony in the heart of the cabin with our cozy middle seats. Perfect for those who enjoy a balanced flying experience and easy conversations with fellow travelers.

Starting at$15

Aisle seat selection

Embrace the freedom to move with our comfortable aisle seats. Enjoy easy access to stretch your legs or make a quick exit upon arrival.

Starting at$15


In this section you'll find information on baggage allowances, special equipment and sports items as well as restricted items. We've also included some tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

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Protect this trip

Important: COVID-19 is a known or foreseen event. Trip cancellation due to government travel advisories, fear of travel, or change of mind is not covered. Travel insurance may provide coverage for COVID-19 diagnosed illness. Certain other coverages will not apply. Learn more

Travel Protection

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption

Trip delay

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Inclement weather

Mechanical issues

COVID-19 coverage
  • Up to 100% flight reimbursement if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have to cancel or cut your trip short.
  • Trip cancellation up to $100,000 for covered ticket cost
  • For covered sickness, injury, involuntary job loss, inclement weather, etc.
  • Baggage coverage up to $1,000
  • For damaged, stolen, or lost baggage.
  • Medical expense up to $50,000
  • For covered illnesses and injuries that require treatment from a physician.
  • View insurance details and disclosures (Opens in a new Window)

    We'll auto check your flight price, and refund the difference if the price drops. We'll check for price drops daily on your behalf for this flight. You can always keep track of your flight price changes. If we find a lower price, we'll automatically give you a refund of the difference in price. You'll be refunded the best price drop to your original payment method within 7 days after your trip is complete.

    Up to US$ 700 compensation in case of delays, cancellation, or overbooking caused by the airline (or up to US$ 1,600 for delayed/damaged/lost baggage based o applicable law). 24/7 emergency line to discuss your consumer rights in case of a disrupted flight. Helped more tha 7 million passengers get their compensation, stress and hassle free. Flight Delay Compensation is a service that helps you get up to US$ 700 compensation from the airline when your flight is delayed, cancelled or if you are denied boarding (or up to US$ 1,600 for delayed/damaged/lost baggage based o applicable law).

    Refunds for cancelled tickets are given at the discretion of the airline on which you were due to fly. This can vary depending on the price you paid for that particular flight. Generally the lower the price, the higher the cancellation penalties. Unfortunately, the majority of low cost airlines do not offer refunds if you want to cancel a ticket. If the airline does have a refund policy, they most likely will charge extra for this type of service. Similarly, LisbonSky applies an administration fee for cancellations (on top of the fee charged by the airline). This extra charge varies depending on the type of service option you’ve selected during the booking process: If you selected a flight with free cancellation: you have to cancel the flight within the given time period in order to receive the full refund. If no service option was selected but the airline agrees to a full or partial refund: LisbonSky takes a fee of €25.

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